MSE had the privilege of being invited to WeGetYaHeard Power Fest Sundays on 10/4 in Gary, Indiana at Backstage On Broadway! It was an amazing experience, the venue was nothing short of a Hollywood style environment. The environment made the onlooker feel as if they walked out of Gary, IN and in to an entertainment portal and the performances provided no disappointment! The night's energy was nothing short of magnetic!

From the atmosphere to the talent, this stage was one you did not want to say you missed! The lineup was legendary and every artist brought their AAA+ game to the stage! DJ Roc, and the whole WeGetYaHeard family brought the city out including Seandale of Power 92. Raw TV Live, DJ K Ceasar, Yoson Tala, Ric Jill, Keisha "Kautiouz" of Da Ear Hustlin Radio Show, and Ladi C Snappa of Ice World Stylinz. Everybody who was anybody was in the building to welcome Gary's own SNF JT a.k.a Jet Taylor and congratulate him on being signed to Irv Gotti! SNF JT did not disappoint and the even bigger surprise of the night is that Ja Rule AND Irv Gotti were there to accompany the budding new artist!

It was good vibes only at Backstage on Broadway and the atmosphere was nothing short of electric once Irv and Ja hit the stage. Unfortunately, SNF JT was feeling ill and had to leave immediately following his performance. MSE speaks for Gary, Indiana when we say we wish him a speedy recovery and infinite success.

Now that all credit has been given to all of those responsible for creating a successful night, we must address the controversy that ensued on social media following the viral Power Fest Sunday that included the Who's Who of the Gary, Indiana music industry, SNF JT, Irv Gotti, and Ja Rule. Immediately following the high profile event, murmurs began amongst those who did not attend that the event was not promoted properly. To anyone who actually attended that night, whether or not the event was promoted properly was not one of the concerns. Backstage On Broadway held a capacity crowd and the venue handled the crowd with superior standards as a first class establishment that turned out to be a promotor's dream!

History has not shown Gary, Indiana to be a unified place and the music industry has been no different. It was said that the promotors of this event were taking credit for Murder Inc coming to Gary and that actually they were there for SNF JT. Though that statement is true, if the promotors brought SNF JT then whatever happened beyond that is due to that transaction. It was also said that not enough credit was given to SNF JT. MSE contends that SNF JT is a new artist and by his own admission on the stage that night he didn't have much music yet, however, the promotors and Gary invited him there as a CONGRATULATORY event and we all hope that his catalogue of music will continue to grow so that all of us can support him for many years to come. Gary has had enough celebrities that have left and not looked back after finding success. We are all hoping to change that toxic tradition so that more artists have the opportunity to elevate beyond the city and keep our industry in rotation! Check out this clip of SNF JT on the WeGetYaHeard stage!

So many great performances from Mr. King, DeAnna Nicole, Courtney Goodz, HBO, Booyow, and many more that displayed mainstream industry level talent and they made the night nothing short of a movie! Even those previously thought to be rivals of the promotors attended in support and the energy was all about UNITY! We hope that the city will continue to support Gary music and all invited guest to the respected Gary venues. As a side note, UNITY would remove the cracks that allow thoughts of envy or discord based on a successful event. The scale of the events would grow, artists would be noticed, promotors would find success, and the Gary music industry would thrive! We can only have our fingers crossed!

Special thanks to DJ Roc, Bankrowe, RioInDaKitchen, Backstage On Broadway, and the City of Gary for their gracious hospitality!

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