We salute Christopher Wallace who became a rapper after dealing drugs as a teen. We will never forget Big Poppa, Biggie, Biggie Smalls, B.I.G, or whatever name rolls off of your tongue when talking about this hip hop royalty!

After Biggie's release from jail in 1991, he recorded a demo tape, "The Microphone Murderer" under the name Biggie Smalls. The tape was picked up by the editor of The Source magazine and B.I.G was later featured in The Sources "Unsigned Hype" column in 1992.

Biggie was then signed to Sean Combs label Bad Boy Records and featured on singles with heavyweights like Mary J. Blige and Heavy D. The smash summer song "Juicy" skyrocketed Biggie and was the segway to his mega-smash album "Ready To Die" in 1994. That album went on to sell over 4 million copies!

Legendary rapper Tupac Shakur was somewhat of a mentor to B.I.G in the early 90's> They were both featured in a legendary freestyle session in 1995 during a Big Daddy Kane concert. Unfortunately, the two became enemies, they were the headliners in a East Coast-West Coast rap war that continued until both legends lost their lives.

Biggie swept the 1995 Source Awards winning Best New Artist, Lyricist of the Year, Live Performer of the Year, and Album of the Year. Following that with Rap Single of the Year and Rap Artist of the Year at the Billboard Music Awards.

Biggie was a large man standing at 6'3 and over 300 pounds, but his personality was larger than life. His use of metaphors and smooth charming delivery left a mark on hip hop that will never be erased.

Life After Death was one of the most highly anticipated albums in the history of hip hop. It seemed that the content revealed that Biggie was prophesying his own demise as he didn't make it to see it's March 23, 1997 release.

Biggie and Sean Combs attended the Soul Train Awards at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles and later that night B.I.G was shot in his vehicle. It was day most will never forget. Sadness rippled across the hip hop community.

Christopher Wallace, born May 21, 1972 became on of the greatest of all time in his short life. On March 9th, 1997, he was murdered at the young age of 24. Today, we salute The Notorious B.I.G on the anniversary of the day that hip hop was changed forever! We thank and respect him for his legendary contributions to the culture!

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