Meet Yung Gullie, MSE June 2021 Artist of the Month! Gullie's roots are in Gary, IN where he was born and raised. Gullie is known for his explosive energy on stage that is sure to move any crowd. He jumped on the music scene after a hiatus and his name has been ringing ever since!

Gullie represents MGM/Gullie Gang from "Scary Gary" and has become one of the top artists to watch in the area. He was influenced heavily by his brother Leovutton, legendary artists C.C.A., Will Scrill, and more. His personal mission is to put his team in position to win with his God-given talent!

Yung Gullie is currently working on multiple projects, one is entitled "Prepared For Whateva". He is also working with his brother on a mixtape called "Blood Brothers". All of our heads are still spinning from Gullie's "Most Slept On" release that caught everyone by surprise!

Check out Yung Gullie in this video for "What It Izz" featuring Bankrowe and Gucci Black! Subscribe to and next month, THIS COULD BE YOU! TAP IN!!!

Yung Gullie would like to thank all of his fans and family members that have supported and continued to believe in him and he promises not to disappoint! He would also like to thank Kim Baldwin and MSE for this opportunity!

MSE would like to thank Yung Gullie for his participation with this article.

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