Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Willie Golden on the mic! Pics-By-Bit Photography by Adam Taylor


Willie Golden is on a mission to put hip hop in Austin, TX on the map! He is a producer, promoter, and artist born and raised in Austin. He has established his own Texas based label, @globethreatrecords and has climbed the ranks quickly to become the host of SXSW "Swisha Fest" by the world famous Swishahouse with DJ Michael 5000 Watts and HighwayYella! Willie Golden credits DJ Michael 5000 Watts for inspiring him to make his mark on the industry. A chance meeting between Willie Golden and @highwayyella of Swishahouse has turned out to be a match made in heaven! Swishahouse has been a powerhouse in the industry boasting names like Slim Thug, Mike Jones, Paul Wall, Chamillionaire, and many more!

Willie Golden and DJ Michael 5000 Watts
Well Connected

Willie was a child prodigy making Dr. Dre type beats in 1999. The world has no idea of his capabilities! He started sequencing beats on a Roland keyboard, since then he has updated everything and left the Roland in the past. Willie has updated to the software of Mega Producer Mike Will Made-It and has the equipment of the infamous Metro Boomin so he is about to drop a sound the world should be anticipating!

Pics-By-Bit Photography by Adam Taylor

Willie attended college in San Diego, CA and Austin and reps the burnt orange Texas Longhorns! He has consistent content, over 10k followers on instagram and growing. His Gold House Media videos display his Texas style and it's lit! We can't wait to hear his new single which he will debut at Swisha Fest! In his signature style, he will also shoot his video the same night! From his packed events to his classic Texas vibe, Willie Golden is one to watch!


Willie seems to always be at the right place at the right time and he attributes that to God. Even though, he has endured his struggles, his tenacity and willingness to work hard are lifting him to heights yet to be seen! His goal is to grind hard everyday and he credits @official2stoned in ATX and Swishahouse's @highwayyella with having the same grind! They are working out in Texas!

Willie Golden and Slim Thug

Willie Golden and G-Unit

Willie Golden and Paul Wall

Willie Golden is really turning out to be "The Golden Boy" of Texas Hip Hop with the help of Bosses like DJ Michael 5000 Watts and the Swishahouse family! Check out his latest video below and we are sure there are more to come! Willie Golden is taking FULL advantage of "The Shift"! Stay in tune! From his style to his bars, this is a journey we all want to see! X Daily Bread"Grippin Wood Grain"Feat Willie Golden,Highway Yella,TexasBoy,Statement


Thugmerk- Austin, Texas #FREETHUGMERK

Poc5ive- Dallas, Texas

Robert Trevino (Statement)- Corpus Christi, Texas

Texas Boy- Waco, Texas

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instagram: @officialwilliegolden @globethreatrecords

facebook: Willie Golden

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