Meet Trae Simba, MSE November 2021 Artist of the Month! Trae Simba from Gary, Indiana currently residing in Indianapolis, IN is a music artist who has changed the tide of the independent music industry in his region. He has been involved with music since 2016 , influenced by the greats like Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Drake and Lil Durk. His style definitely channels many great music artists!

Trae Simba is bussin' the music game wide open with the goal of creating generational wealth for his family. After seeing multiple performances from this young phenom, he has proven himself by consistently providing great music with a amazing stage show.

Though he hails from Gary, Indiana, Trae Simba has been embraced by the Indianapolis industry. His name and face are highly recognizable and he has done venues from local music hotspots to the Circle City Classics!

Want to catch Trae Simba on stage? He will be performing live at The Asian Doll concert for all ages on November 21, 2021 at the Silver Centre in Indianapolis and the Moneybagg Yo Concert December 26, 2021! He also has a new single, Kodak releasing Christmas Day 2021!

Trae Simba would like to give shouts out to his family and friends with special thanks to @TeddHardy, @BSwift317, @StraightFreak, @Yungcory, @DjFedBaby, @DjBslime, @DjLilc317, @Djgeeman, @Djstallone, @zayboomin317, @Nbhplug, @Nbhfilmz, and @JoeyPerkins.

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Find Trae Simba!

Facebook: Simba Sheisty

Instagram: @lul.Simba.3x

YouTube: Trae Simba

MSE would like to thank Trae Simba for his cooperation with this article!

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