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Born in Gary, Indiana, from humble beginnings on October 29th, 1984, Worthy entered the world with a chip on his shoulder and something to prove. He is no stranger to controversy and when faced with adversity, Worthy is definitely up for the challenge. Known for his unique style and music that anyone can feel, Nathaniel Edwards IV (JaymesWorthy219) has been LIT since he landed on this planet!

Father of 8 and some possibles, like a spades hand, Worthy has faced many obstacles in life that have shaped him in to a well rounded ARTIST. He went viral in 2015 for the provocative "Booty Gate" related to a pic that was put out for his downfall but set him up for a come up and viral moments have not eluded him since! His hilarious live videos done with his music as the soundtrack has been an ingenious way to spread the talent of this all around entertainer.

Worthy has been called "The Legend Killer" as he has taken on those perceived to be in power with his razor sharp wit and quick comebacks for shits-n-giggles that have made him one of the Midwest's ARTIST TO WATCH!

Through all of the controversy, Worthy's fans will tell you that it's those significant moments that have shifted his career to to hyper drive! He is one of the hardest working artists in the Midwest, continuous content with the help of his Midwest photographer and videographer, Kamera Life. Worthy is the wild card that nobody saw coming. His talent for music and entertainment is complimented by his unapologetic approach to his adversaries. His mark is being left on the Midwest but believe this TRUE artist will take the UNIVERSE by storm!

Worthy's unique style sets him apart from many artists! He has no problem with changing his hair color at will, playing with his style and pushing the limits of traditional hip hop fashion. He attributes his fresh, fun sense of style to his own perception of his look and makes no apologies for it! Worthy's style has led to multiple clothing lines such as Can Eye Live, W.E.R.K, and CMC all under his fashion umbrella of A.I.M (Art In Motion). Drawing inspiration from Egyptian history, his lines are exotic and authentic!

Worthy is also apart of Hoosier's Favorite Podcast with Maurice "Sko Dolla" Murray and Terry "Riche Alert" Richardson. The trio takes on topics that interest the Midwest and beyond. They're energetic yet relaxed podcast caught on quick and has continued to rise. Watch out for them on a platform near YOU! Also check out Worthy's video/short movie GeminEYE below hinting that Worthy has acting skills as well!

Jaymes Worthy is what the Midwest Music Industry needs whether you love him or hate him. He ENTERTAINS and that is what being an artist is all about. Catch him on stage at SXSW Midwest Takeover Stage 3/20 and running "The Green Room" with Hoosier's Favorite Podcast at the "SHIFT HOUSE". You may catch a glimpse of his fashion at The Rhythm of Beauty Day Event on 3/21 or catch his individual wrath at the Manifest Destiny Cypher 3/21.

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