Tex Da Message of Gary, IN is in the MSE Midwest Artist Spotlight! Tex is one of those artists whose name is always mentioned somewhere in the list of the best in the Midwest. His subtle energy may fool you, but when he gets on a mic, there is an energy explosion that can be felt by all! His skills run from being an artist, barber, video editor, writing, film, and also makes shirts! Sounds like a one man branding machine!

Tex began rapping in 2003 and was a natural when it came to freestyling. He was invited to a studio to record while in college and has been hooked ever since! He says when he started out he was influenced by the greats like Lil Wayne, T.I., and Juelz Santana. As his skills matured he began to become more interested in the masters of the craft like Jay-Z.

Tex intends to live up to his name and spread the Message! He says that he does music for the love of it and has thought of it as a hustle or hobby. We think it's safe to say that this is a message you don't want to leave on read! Tex Da Message is quietly working on his next project which he hasn't named. He trusts his process of recording until he has a "nice nucleus" of work, then he compliments it with other songs! MSE speaks for many when we say that any Tex Da Message project will be highly anticipated!

Tex insists that his name being mentioned without Scarfo is unheard of and likens their association to Jordan and Pippen. He thanks Scoota and countless others that have been rocking since day one. Check out this clip of Tex Da Message at The Lab Indy tearing the roof off da booth!!

MSE thanks Tex for his cooperation with this article and we look forward to his upcoming projects!!!

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