Updated: Jul 22, 2020


Meet Shatiya "Charmgurl" Hardin, born and raised in Gary, IN formerly known as "The Bipolar Beautician", but her evolution has led her to be the owner, stylist, and BOSS at Charmgurl Beauty Bar at 1974 Grant Street Gary, IN 46404! Though Charmgurl has lived in Minneapolis, MN and Indianapolis, IN, she has returned to her hometown to bring her unique level of style and professionalism at her own unisex salon! Her humble and grateful attitude continue drive her entrepreneurial spirit to levels we have yet to see!

Photo by: Tyrell Anderson


Charmgurl's interest in hair started at a young age watching her biggest influence, her mom (and most important person in her life) Lori Horton. She watched intensely as a young girl as her mom styled other's hair and began to love going to the beauty salon to be styled herself. The environment resonated with Charmgurl in a way that would make an imprint on her life! She developed a passion for taking on the styles at the time. Growing her skills on the french rolls, sculptured ponytails, braided designs, and the notorious scrunches that many loved to wear at the time! It wasn't long before Charmgurl was taking her own clients at age 12 while living with her late grandmother ,Shirley, in Minnesota. A substitute teacher's daughter wanted braids with the beads and she nervously earned her first fee for her services beginning her manifestation of success!


Charmgurl continued to build her clientele throughout high school and college. Her client list spans all ages. Charmgurl creates a warm, welcoming, professional environment that her clients and peers enjoy. Charmgurl did not stop there! She launched her own virgin hair line, "Locs of Charm". During that time she began to take interest in health and holistic healing and began her research. Her research led her to the healing effects of the spice, ginger. She created a recipe for her own organic ginger tea which she currently sells! She has consistently proven that she is a leader and one to watch in the industry!


Shatiya "Charmgurl" Hardin has taken a wealth of knowledge and brought it all back to her own community which is something to be admired in current times. Charmgurl closed her Indianapolis salon and is focusing her energy full time on Gary, IN. Her message is one of spreading awareness of mental health, physical health, financial literacy, and social development. Charmgurl thanks God first, her clients for supporting her through the ups and downs, her supporters, her children (for reminding her why she must press on), and all of her loved ones who have emotionally supported her on her journey. Patronize this mogul and let's uplift her in to her greatness! She is giving to her community with a humble and grateful spirit that no doubt will be rewarded!

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