Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Meet Rongine', MSE July 2021 Artist of the Month. Born and raised in Gary, Indiana, Ka-Je' Sanders has evolved in to more than just a femcee, she is a multi-talented entertainer. Affectionately known as "Bubbelz", we can only imagine that is because of her personality that explodes on to stage with every performance!

Her transition to Rongine' has made an impact on the independent music industry in her area and we are all awaiting her every move! Rongine' is proud of her Gary, Indiana roots as she lovingly mentions that it's the home of the Jackson 5! She also lists the great Michael Jackson as one of her biggest influences.

Rongine' is known for her beautiful hip hop style of dance that separates her from the pack. She is a choreographer, artist, and an all around entertainer! Rongine' began dancing at the early age of 8 years old. The music was clearly in her soul as she began to write her rhymes and poems in her notebook with dreams of combining the two arts. She did that and MSE is proud to recognize her talents!

Rongine' wants to be apart of history by bringing a new sound! She credits her sister, Finesse Da Queen, as her biggest influence in her career. Watching her has shaped Rongine's interest in being an artist. Rongine' is building a solid brand promoting herself and others and hopes to share her talents! Look out for her dance classes as well! Rongine' was just featured at The Atlanta Experience and gave a stellar performance! Her hometown supported her wholeheartedly!

Look out for Rongine's first EP entitled "UnXpected", release date TBA! Rongine' would like to thank God first and foremost, and her fiance' who has been a huge inspiration, supporter, and investor in her life, and her big sister Finesse Da Queen for inspiring her to be a recording artist! She also thanks her parents who had a band when she was younger that had a heavy influence in her drive for music.

Check out this video of Rongine' and her new single "Put In Work"! Subscribe to today and put us in tune with your brand and next month THIS can be YOU!

MSE would like to thank Rongine' for her participation with this article.

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