Meet Devon "Oscar Da Don" Jones, MSE March 2021 Artist of the Month! Born and raised in Gary, In, Oscar currently resides in Merrillville , Indiana. He is owner and founder of T.B.C. Customs. He has created his own fashion line based on his artistry. After stepping out as a solo artist in 2020 after his stint with R&B group HBO. He took off quickly with shows in Atlanta, Texas, and an upcoming show at Independent Artist Weekend in Miami, Fla!

Oscar Da Don in Atlanta, GA

Oscar is known for his sense of fashion and standing out so quickly on his solo artist journey, but he has his future in the plan! He is currently in school to be medical assistant, running his own clothing business, while recording new content daily!

Oscar Da Don is a multitalented threat in the industry! He sings, raps, dances, and his comedic timing is impeccable! You can catch him on Tik Tok (@Oscartatted) with some funny videos that you are sure to enjoy! Oscar started music at a young age in church in Gary, IN with his family. Oscar credits his uncle Mann who he says was always about music. He adds that his uncle, Halo Drippy of HBO, who he learned many aspects of music from directly and by watching. It's safe to say Oscar Da Don has music in his blood!

After the passing of Oscar's grandmother last year (RIP), he felt compelled to accomplish his goals as an artist among other aspirations. The rate of speed that his career is moving definitely has a divine feel with his music growing with every project! He literally stepped out of the background and showed that he is a star in his own right and the 219 is definitely behind him!

Chris Brown and Trey Songz are a couple of Oscar's inspirations. His mission is to is to have that type of success and to expand his brand as big or bigger. He would like to eventually be able to help those around him to elevate the entire village through his art. We will be looking out for his new project "Pain Ova Suffering". Check out Oscar Da Don's new single "C

onnection"! It's READY TO GO!!!!

Oscar gives special thanks to everybody who ever supported him from the beginning and the ones that came along for the ride. He appreciates all of the love.

Check him out on social media:

Facebook: Oscar Da Don

Instagram: @Oscar_DaDon/@Tobecontinued

Snapchat: @Devo_slimtatted

MSE would like to thank Oscar Da Don for his participation with this article.

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