Meet Neiabflyy, Chicago artist and winner of the Bang Hard Entertainment Showcase on 12/26 in Gary, IN. Neiabflyy is signed to independent label, Against All Odds Entertainment. Neiabflyy has resided on the south and east side of Chicago, IL most of her life where she attended South Shore High School. She is currently enjoying living by the water of Lake Michigan in eastern Chi-Town.

Neiabflyy is making a full time career out of her artistry. From writing her own songs to directing her own videos, this femcee is mastering her own brand and paving the road to being a true authentic music artist! She shed her insecurities while listening to some of the back stories of mainstream artists and decided there was nothing that would stop her from pursuing her music career!

Neiabflyy credits Nicki Minaj with being one of her biggest influences. She gives a nod to all female artists that are remaining true to themselves and expanding their own brands. She adds special mentions for Cardi B, Missy Elliot, and Lil Kim. Watching their careers inspired her and she knew she could do it too!

Neiabflyy has a mission to have a successful career while being a role model for other female artist. She would love for them to feel encouraged and pursue their dreams as well by seeing her journey! Neiabflyy is a sure fire example that you can be a sex symbol as long as you are true to who you are. She will display to anyone watching that she is more than just beauty, she puts time and effort in to her craft. After checking out her show, all we can say is MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Neiabflyy won the Bang Hard Entertainment Showcase in Gary, IN.She recently performed in Miami, Fla at an A&R showcase in front of major label representatives. You can catch her in Houston, Tx January 29-31! Location is not an issue when it comes to hitting that stage! She is currently working on her mixtape "I Need Money Not Boys" for an upcoming release. Look out for her new single and video dropping on Valentine's Day 2021 and a few cameo surprises!

Check out her video for "Yum Yum" below: Subscribe to her page for more!

Neiabflyy would like to give special thanks to her team! She gives thanks to her manager, Joel, who has had her back 100% since she has started to take off. She thanks her glam squad for their patience with her together even in her pickiness. She thanks her producers who have taken her craft seriously and merged their work with her own. Special shout out to Bang Hard Entertainment for the performance opportunity and for the great promo prizes! She thanks MSE for the feature article and we thank her for her gracious cooperation. Congratulations on the WIN!

MSE would like to give special thanks to Big Twain Clayton for his work on the showcase and the introduction to such a promising artist in the industry! Bang Hard Entertainment gets much respect from MSE!

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