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Meet MSE's Special Valentine's Artist of the Month, Jay Nicole! Born Jasmine White, Jay Nicole is from Gary, IN. She currently resides in Indianapolis, IN and works in Accounts Payable by day and is a singer/songwriter by night! Judging by her performance, MSE can vouch that the balance is real!

Like many soulful singers, Jay Nicole had her beginnings in the church. She recalls having a heart for music from a very young age. She realized her songwriting abilities in middle school when she wrote for a crush, but she will leave that story as a fond memory. Her biggest influences are Anita Baker, Aretha Franklin, Mary J. Blige, Patty Labelle, Jill Scott, and India Arie. You can definitely tell that she channels the greats with her beautiful and soulful performance.

Jay Nicole says that her mission will be complete if she can touch one person through her musical testimonies. She would love for everyone to enjoy her music, but if she can have just one person to be affected then that will be confirmation that she is where she needs to be on her journey. That is quite a testament to the heart this songbird must possess.

Jay Nicole is currently pushing her first project "Behind The Eyes" released in September 2020. She has several features with some amazing artists in the Midwest and is open to other areas as well. Check out these clips of Jay Nicole gracing us with her beautiful voice.

Jay Nicole says there are so many people that have been a part of her journey that she wouldn't want to leave anyone out. She would like to thank C Snappa for Executive Producing "Behind The Eyes". She thanks all of her family and close friends and is grateful for them believing in her never allowing her to give up!

MSE thanks Jay Nicole for her gracious cooperation with this article. We will leave you with her favorite quote: "Music is life and the lyrics are my story. -unknown

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