Meet Doty G Mac (Pronounced Doe Tee Gee Mack), MSE February 2021 Artist of the Month! Born in Gary, IN and raised in Milwaukee, WI, Doty G has built a legacy of good vibes and good music in the Midwest! He is an artist, producer, engineer songwriter, videographer, photographer, and engineer. For as long as he can remember, music has been a part of his life in one form or another.

Doty G Mac started writing music at the age of 5 and wrote his first song by the age of 12. His biggest influences include his late older brother "Steel Bill", Ice Cube, Tupac, Dr. Dre, George Clinton, Roger Troutman, Twista, Do or Die, and Crooked I to name a few. When listening to his music you get the good feeling of hip hop history and message music with today's beats and methodical delivery.

His graphic design skills (displayed above) are mainstream industry level. He does logos, film intros, flyers, and all other promotional print material! His film company Body Kid Nation films continues to thrive through it's versatility. Being CEO of Body Kid Nation has given Doty G the elevation of artist to boss!

Doty G is working on multiple film projects and also working on the impending release of his new mixtape, "Therapy" and his highly anticipated EP "Black Rose Pedals". Check him out in this video clip of his live performance in Milwaukee, WI!

Doty G would like to give thanks to God for blessing him with his many talents. He gives special thanks to his father, who offered so much musical influence with all of his early influence and industry experience. He also thanks his mom who was also in a singing group early in his life. His brother "Steel Bill" lives on in Doty G and he is eternally grateful for his relationship with him. He would like to leaved by saying that he would like to thank his daughter, Taraji Sohl Spencer. She is his main motivation and she is the reason he strives so hard to be a better man everyday. All of them making Doty G Mac our February 2021 Artist of the Month!

MSE would like to thank Doty G Mac for his cooperation with this article.

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