Meet Erica "Lovlee 2X" Short, born in Syracuse, NY and raised in Gary, In since the age of 6. Lovlee labels herself a struggling artist and is not ashamed to say she works multiple jobs to care for her family and make her dreams come true! Lovlee came from a musically talented family and often felt left out because of her soft voice in a sea of soulful voices. She says she had to become the Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez of the family and found her place and her voice!

Lovelee's biggest musical influences are Missy Elliot who she credits with being a "Music Goddess". She aspires to captivate listeners in the same way that Missy has with crisp versatility that spans the years. She also says that she cannot mention her idols without a nod to the great Michael Jackson, "The King of Pop". She feels every artists should give him his due respect after he maintained a successful career from childhood to years beyond his passing.

Lovlee is on a mission to grow her music and fan base regardless of any obstacles. You may be quick to assume about this budding artists after you have heard her music, but please don't get it twisted, she is well spoken and a phenomenal ambassador for her own brand. She refuses to fall victim to trends and has a style that is all her own! She has no problem with traveling to expand the reach of her brand whether in music or acting!

Be on the lookout for Lovlee 2x and her new release entitled "I Wanna See" this month! She anticipates finishing her mixtape in February/March 2021! From the first time we ever saw her grace the stage, she has taken the area by storm drawing attention from all of the major producers and numerous artists showing interest in features. That's why Lovlee 2x deserves to be on the MSE Top 10 Ones To Watch and the MSE December 2020 Artist of the Month!

Lovelee 2X would like to give special thanks to God who has guided her through darkness and light despite her shortcomings. She would like to thank her son, Emir, her sister Esha and all of her family and friends that genuinely support her. She thanks Magnetic Shift Evolution for acknowledging her and her artistry and making her December 2020 Artist of the Month! Check out her video "When I Have To" below!!!

Find Lovlee 2X on social media!!

Instagram: pretty_and_ghetto

Twitter: Lovelee2x

YouTube: Lovlee2x

MSE would like top thank Lovlee 2X for her cooperation with this article!

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