Updated: Jan 1, 2021

Meet Danielle "Phoenix" Lee, MSE January 2021 Artist of the Month!!! Born in Gary, IN Danielle is a performing arts instructor for middle school students, a singer, and an actress. She began singing at the age of three. A budding young star with her first public performance at age 5, singing The Greatest Love Of All at her pre-school graduation. After getting bit by the entertainment bug, Danielle performed at church, school, and city-wide functions. She has done musical theater since the age of 13. Born in to a family of entertainers, chefs, and healers, Danielle took everything they instilled in her and increased it! Her repertoire includes singing with and opening for Raheem Devaughn, Public Announcement, and KeKe Wyatt!

Danielle "Phoenix" Lee shot by Z

Danielle "Phoenix" Lee is not only an entertainer, she is quite the entrepreneur! She owns a private catering company, "Danni's Kitchen". Her hit wristband line "Love Is A Verb" has been received very well. She also has tapped in to her healing abilities and clairvoyance with "Danni's House of Healing" which entails spiritual readings, life coaching, and reiki healing. It's safe to say this songbird has run the gambit on entertainment and business!

Danielle has several "hometown salutes" starting with her mother, aunts (Lucille and Patricia), C Snappa, Latrice Roberts, Rose Marie, Latoya Larkin, Ric Jill, Keisha Passmore, Kevin Cuttino, Mark Spencer, Jaymes Worthy, Asia Dickens, Marsha Jones, Latoya Carter, Reverend Boone, Butta, Stephanie Parker, Wayne Blazed, Patrick Berry, Lehman Gray, Derreka Rollins, Gretchen Sapp, Dork, and Erin Sedalia. Her celebrity influences range from Whitney Houston, Diane Carol, and Angela Bassett to Minister Farrakhan and Maxine Waters. The list definitely goes on!

Danielle's mission is to be authentically herself and to allow others the space to do the same. She intends to use all of her gifts to uplift and heal herself and others while having fun at the same time! She wants to break the cycles of mental and emotional poverty, where she feels her community is most deficient! Check out Danielle's feature on Butta The Preacher's new album "My Story" on a beautiful song called "Breakthru". She is also working on her second single "Unprotected Protector" in the new year and is currently working on visuals for that track as well as "No Love At The Table" produced by C Snappa.

Danielle would like to give special thanks to her mother for gifting her with music, her son for pushing her to be her best self. She is thankful for every piece of pain, rejection, She is thankful to Carolyn, Tierney, Rose, Traci, Elena Love, and Meagan and sends love to her tribe! She affectionately states that they bring "Love Is A Verb to life"! She thanks them all for the inspiration! She Thanks God and her ancestors who refuse to take their hands off of her!

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Check out Danielle's BEAUTIFUL voice and range in this clip she shared with MSE!

MSE thanks Danielle Phoenix Lee for her cooperation with this article and we are honored to have her begin the NEW YEAR as MSE January 2021 Artist of the Month!

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