Meet D-Brown, MSE August 2021 Artist of the month! Diondre Brown was born in Minnesota and raised in Gary, Indiana. He currently resides in Indiana as an entrepreneur, CEO, and music artist. D-Brown began songwriting and recording in high school and after realizing his talent, he never looked back! Same Hustle New Money was born and the rest is history!

According to D-Brown, there are three factors that motivated him. First is his struggle as a youth that motivated his to create his first mixtape, "My Struggle Made My Hustle". He advises anyone who is looking for his roots in hip hop to check it out along with more recent projects to emphasize his growth as an artist.

Secondly, D- Brown credits all of the OGz he grew up around. He says they were stand up guys that he had the privilege of knowing. He had the opportunity to watch their moves, both good and bad, and says that it shaped him in many ways. Musically, he gives the nod to greats like Jeezy, Yo Gotti, Meek Mill, Lil Wayne, and J. Cole as inspirations.

D-Brown has comprised a strong team of individuals that believe in him and promises to take them to new heights with every opportunity! His goal is to make his entire team with Same Hustle New Money millionaires within two years and put them in a position to do the same for others! Now THAT is MSE APPROVED!! D-Brown has some industry features waiting to be released with three complete albums! Because he is his own biggest critic, he knows one will probably remain unreleased. Look out for new visuals and two new businesses that D-Brown will be unleashing on the world!

Check out this video featuring D-Brown entitled "Intro" and subscribe to TODAY and next month this could be YOU!

D-Brown send his first thanks to God for blessing him with his newborn son. His birth rejuvenated his hustle. He thanks his team for believing in his vision and vows to make good on everything he has promised them!

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MSE would like to thank D-Brown for his cooperation with this article.

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