Meet Bonnie Beretta a.k.a. Clio Capone from Gary, IN. Her phenomenal performance stood out at the WeGetYaHeard Labor Day Showcase. She displayed the raw lyricism that was like a cool breeze on a hot day, it refreshes the soul of the true hip hop lover. Clio Capone has the eclectic style that made her a winner!

Born and raised in northwest Indiana, Clio started doing music at 15. The positive feedback led her to get serious about her craft. She remembers saying to herself, "Clio, if no one sees you now..they will in time!" Clio has made good on that promise to herself! Clio is demonstrating the TRUE power of a lyricist. Losing her parents at a young age, Clio has learned to express her pain in every bar and the result is priceless!

Clio Capone has a style that spans generations. You can feel the roots of music in her flawless cadences that captivate any listener. She has the recipe for the wake up call that music has been waiting for! Her mission is to take her passion for the origin of music and use her experiences to bring it all together in the now. MSE subscribes to that and she is on our list for one to watch!

Clio is firm on making sure that we maintain the weight on the origin of hip hop. Her biggest influences were KRS-1, Wu-Tang Clan, Bahama D, Brotha Lynch Hung, Twister, X Clan, Queen Latifah, Rage, Big Pun, Bone Thugs -N-Harmony, Nas, Lil Suzy, Salt n Peppa, Da Brat, Snoop, Do or Die, Mobb Deep, Biggie, and of course Tupac. She credits them all with saving her life at a time when she didn't feel worthy. We think we can all relate to that. That list alone has so much of what real music is about.

Clio Capone is setting the bar for the female lyricist. She hope that she inspires those that see her perform to be free to express themselves in every facet of Hip Hop. Clio is planting and nurturing the seeds for the rebirth of hip hop! It's UNIVERSAL! Clio Capone is a free spirit and mostly works in the Chicagoland area and is open to features so make sure YOU are in tune!

Clio would like to thank everyone who never gave up on her. She sends thanks to her hood for applying pressure and making her in to the diamond she is. She sends special thanks to her parents and hopes she made them smile. MSE has firm belief that the sun is shining on this rising star! She would like to thank Kim and the MSE team and we will continue to keep our eyes on her!! Look out for her new mixtape, "Women V/s Machine" which touches on old school, Latin beats, Arabic beats, and more! Clio Capone is bringing diversity back to the game! Check her out!

YouTube: Clio Capone

Facebook: Bonnie Beretta

Instagram: Bonnie Beretta

MSE would like to thank Clio Capone for her cooperation with this article.

Special thanks to @djroc219 for the invite to the WeGetYaHeard Labor Day Showcase!!

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