Meet "Aach" (pronounced Ash), born Ashley Manteca and she is one of MSE's "2020 Artist To Watch". Aach was born in the south suburbs of Chicago, Il. She was submerged in the arts from a young age from singing and dancing to painting and writing. Aach was known for her beautiful voice from elementary school through high school. She graced the stage with a National Show Choir performance in Windsor, Canada! Her roots in the arts was only a hint of what was to come!

Growing up, her love for the arts was a prelude to everything in this moment. She was constantly reaching for the next level of her gift. After high school, Aach put her music on hold while pursuing her degree in college. She never stopped feeling the calling that was true to her heart. She was being recognized for her fresh face and fit physique and knew that the traditional educational route was not satisfying her need to answer her heart's call. In 2018, Aach decided that she could no longer resist the urge to be submerged in her professional career as a performer and recording artist. No one could have anticipated how driven she would become!

Her determination to pursue her dream shed light on other aspects of her skill set that have also proven to be beneficial. She has found a comfort in fashion and fitness modeling, and also advocates for the vegan and natural hair lifestyles which has certainly paid off judging from her sleek defined silhouette and her organic thick tresses. She is open to promoting products that she believes in and her professionalism is a marketing dream!

Aach works hard to maintain her ultra-fit body and has capitalized by indulging in the world of fitness and fashion modeling. Her knowledge of angles and her versatile look have made her a hot commodity in the industry! She exudes confidence on the runway and in print! Put together with her voice, acting, singing,and dancing, Aach is the breath of fresh air the entertainment industry has been waiting for!

Aach began performing at open mics and numerous events. She had the opportunity to meet and perform for Chicago's own Common! She has since booked her first acting gig on the breakout TV series "Chicago PD".She has proven that she made the right choice to pursue her calling!

Aach has released two singles "Heaven" and "Shield Me" which was selected for placement in "Chill Mode", a Spotify playlist. She also got her first feature with Reeseynem, another Chicago artist known for his collaboration with Chance The Rapper, on her single "Waiting For You". Ashley "Aach" Manteca will not be squeezed in to anyone's box! She is an artist by EVERY definition of the word! Whether its singing, dancing, modeling, acting, or entrepreneurship, Aach is definitely ONE TO WATCH!!!!

"In the root of their hearts, every artist strives to create." ~ Aach

Promo video by Magnetic Shift Evolution LLC

Promo Track: Waiting For You by Aach ft. Reeseynem

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