The Birth of Magnetic Shift Evolution 2020

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

True Baldwin, owner and Founder of Magnetic Shift Evolution LLC

Women Coming For The Industry

"Black culture and women around the globe are finding their voices like never before. It's a watershed moment." ~Sylvia Rhone

The Drive To Succeed

Magnetic Shift Evolution was born from the Midwest music artist's need for exposure of the culture and industry that is ignored in the bigger scheme of music. Though the Midwest has some of the bigger music markets in Chicago, Saint Louis, Detroit, Cincinnati, most independent artist feel the need to move to cities like Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles, and New York to grow their career and succeed. The drive to succeed has driven the talent out of the area.

Unity IN The Midwest

There is no known company or entity that is uniformly thought of as the go-to place for independent artists to thrive in the Midwest. There are many companies that claim to help artists with their careers that take the money and don't deliver the desired results, unless of course it's for their own pockets. Artists are paying hundreds and sometimes thousands for a performance on a stage that doesn't get them any further than when they started.

At Magnetic Shift Evolution LLC (MSE), we intend to be a consistent resource to all artists, producers, writers, photographers, videographers, bloggers, models, and any other industry support. We want to unite the Midwest under one umbrella with as many extensions as possible. We will introduce new technology for artists to engage in new marketing strategies that are in line with today's music consumers. At MSE, the artist's success is our success! MSE will introduce a new way to create an industry through unique networking opportunities that bring our industry together.

Blocking Culture

The Midwest has a notorious reputation for it's "blocking culture". For those who may not be familiar, it's when groups of ppl come together in individual cities and decide that they are the self-proclaimed upper echelon but do not allow up and coming artists and industry representatives to be successful in that region by using smother tactics such as word of mouth blocking (using their influence to block others), internet attacks, overcharging for shows, performances, and/or venues, and other sneak tactics to remain in their perceived position all while the industry has all but disappeared. There is a unique culture in the Midwest that differs from anywhere else in the world and it deserves it's own industry that is just as recognized and as powerful as any other region.

Music is a male dominated and highly sexualized industry and it can prove to be a challenge for women to break through and be respected after all the Baby, Sweety, Boo, and Ma remarks when attempting to talk business. Standing on who you are and what you stand for is paramount when you're in a room full of alpha males where you only get one chance to make a first impression. Remaining feminine and professional can prove to be a thin line. Your delivery is everything! So many intelligent women are breaking through and the industry is all the better for it!

Contact MSE today and become a part of THE SHIFT! The time is NOW!

By 2025, MSE will establish headquarters in the Midwest and create divisions throughout the Midwest!

Become a member TODAY and be a part of the SHIFT! The UNIVERSE is ready for you to take your rightful place!

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