Nothin Nice began his career on the 1's and 2's in military establishments and drew the attention of the heavy hitters. He has worked with celebrities such as Yo, Gotti, Lil Boosie, and 8 Ball and MJG to name a few! Capturing crowds nationally and internationally, this Buffalo, New York Entertainer has been everywhere from Florida to Korea! Dj Nothin Nice has maintained his focus on entertainment and it has manifested in nothing but GREATNESS for this all around performer! He has consistently built a brand for "TEAMNOTHINNICE" and for the 704 DJs family!

Not only does DJ Nothin Nice BREAK major artists, he also ASSISTS independent artists with gaining the knowledge to attain every goal they aspire to in any aspect of the industry. His inside knowledge from maintaining positions as Marketing and Promotional Director/ On Air Mix DJ for Hot 107.9fm , 94.5 The Beat in Charlotte, NC, and My K 93.3 in Dallas (2010-2013). Nothin Nice was instrumental in helping build the brands of these stations that now have over 5 billion tuning in WORLDWIDE! DJ Nothin Nice's shows alone average 3.5 million tuning in on the Syndicated Radio Network!


TEAMNOTHINNICE has maintained a full staff with a Promotional Street Team, Dance Team, Models, and digital presence all over the globe! Nothin Nice Productions which includes graphic designs, mixing, mastering, editing, etc..(2007-2010). There is no facet of the industry that this POWERHOUSE has left covered!

Currently, you will find Nothin Nice gearing toward acting in "WEINDEEZSTREETZ" and that is leading to hosting bookings on a major scale at venues worldwide! Nothin Nice is a Florida Chapter Grammy member as well as a rep for Good Times ( ), Blazetrak rep ( for mix cd and album reviews and submissions for Nothin Nice Radio and DJs On Demand. He is the CEO of Nothin Nice Radio, "Giving You Exclusive Interviews and Music Worldwide". He is also owner and Project Manager for his own 24/7 television network on . MSE is honored for his gracious cooperation with this article!

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Facebook: Djnothin Nice

Linkedin: Dj Nothin Nice

Soundcloud: Dj Nothin Nice

Instagram: @djnothinnice

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